Mirage Raceway Guild List Info

To add your guild to the guild list, post in the Discord channel (#guild-recruitment-alliance or #guild-recruitment-horde, respectively) on the MR server Discord (link at the top).

To get access to write in this channel you need to get GM, officer, or recruiter rights; for how to get either of those, check the post in #rules on our Discord.

TL;DR: Your recruitment post should look like this:

Guild name | Discord link with brackets | Loot system | Schedule | Recruiting classes/specs | Progress/Guild type | Details
Example Guild | 〈https://discord.gg/abcdefg〉 | Loot Council | Mon+Fri 12:00-15:00 | Rogue, Fury Warrior, Boomkin | 10/14 | For more info, DM TheKillerBunny on Discord!

Have only one recruitment post up, delete older ones, but always edit the last one (or you can't re-post for seven days).

The bot retrieves recruitment messages in certain intervals and will try to turn it into a line in the Guild List. To do this, the bot looks for certain patterns. You don't have to follow any of this - if you don't care about the list, post away (within the rules, of course). However, if your post is not on the list, or information is missing, it is most likely because something was clipped in the transformation from "Discord post" to "Guild List table entry". Below is some information that might help to figure out what went wrong. Also check the "skipped list" (at the bottom of either of the Guild Lists) to see which posts are entirely skipped because they couldn't be deciphered or didn't follow the rules.